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How much does websites cost?
  • Well, that really depends on the type of website that you require.  For basic websites without special requirements such as specialized forms, features etc. our price could be as low as R2000. 
  • However, certain websites and e-commerce stores are more expensive and require much more development such as payment and shipping solution integrations. 
  • Photographs and images can also play a role in determining your website cost. Stock photos can either be free of charge, or we can pay for premium photos.  We, therefore, have to gain as much information from you to ensure that our proposal is accurate.
Is my website search ready in platforms such as Google and Bing?
  • Yes, our websites come with superior on-page optimisation to be easily crawled by google and indexed.
  • Our service includes setup of google analytics and webmaster tools and google sitemap submissions all which assist your website to be search engine friendly.
  • Our website architecture is are always designed with both users and search engines in mind, from correct title tag use to relevant content and meta tags.
How long does it take to design a website?
  • Our web design takes place in 4 stages which usually take about three weeks at most.  However dependent on the scope of work required, design may take quicker, or much longer.  We will communicate the timeline with you prior to us starting the design project.
  • The fore-mentioned stages are a draft phase, revision phase, deployment phase ( going live ) and Monitoring of your website for 1 week on its new domain.
Can I maintain my own website, or do you maintain it for me?
  • Maintaining a website is as simple as updating blogs, advertising and promoting your website for traffic via social media channels and directories or word of mouth.
  • We also offer a inclusive service of one month free maintenance.
Can I host my domain myself, and what type of hosting do I need?
  • To have your website live you need to first register your domain name with a hosting company such as Afrihost, Xneelo, or a hosting company of your choice. This usually constitutes a yearly fee.
  • Secondly, you will have to pay a monthly fee to the hosting company depending on the hosting package you have chosen.
  • If you are doing a transaction on your website it is always advised to purchase an SSL certificate to attain HTTPS domain that is more secure.  (S stands for secure, without the SSL certificate the website will show “not secure”
  • As a design agency, we provide full support and assistance on all these processes and step by step breakthroughs.
Which E-commerce platforms do you support?

Woocommerce & WordPress is a very popular E-commerce platform.  Once everything is set up, there are no further monthly fees (except for superior plug-ins which is either charged monthly or annually.  Cloud Maker will, however, inform you of such costs)

We also support Shopify stores.  Please note that with Shopify there is always a monthly fee applicable, payable directly to Shopify.

Are your web designs fully responsive for tablets, smart phones and laptops?
  • Yes all of our website designs are designed to be fully responsive. This means that whether the user is visiting your website on a phone tablet or laptop the website will adapt to fit the screen size and browser rules.